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David Hasbrouck

David Hasbrouck

Financial Advisor

David Hasbrouck is a Financial Advisor with Quest Financial Services. David grew up here in the Hudson Valley and after college had a decorated career with a local law enforcement agency. He moved through the department serving in patrol, canine, dive team, undercover and lastly before a disabling injury he was assigned to the crime scene unit as a detective. After serving the community, these disabling injuries changed his course to insurance and finance.

During his career he was an active within the administration of his union as well as social and civic organizations. During his involvement he was instrumental in implementing additional retirement saving options and administered supplemental health plans. David has a strong background in civil service regular and disability retirements as well as planned retirement. These experiences have set the groundwork in building successful relationships and confidence with clients.

Outside of work David continues to volunteer his time with local charitable organizations in addition to spending time camping and other outside activities with his wife, children and family dogs.