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Who We Are

Quest Financial Services

Are you seeking a committed and compassionate advisory team? We dedicate our time, our training and our process to one vital strategy.

It’s all happening…for you!

We are independent …for you:

As an independent firm (we are not employees of one financial company) we can utilize all of the available financial products and instruments to create portfolios for our clients. We believe the products and programs we offer may be the correct choice for you. We are not influenced by sales incentives or directives. We act in your best interest.

We are collaborative….for you:

We take a team-based approach to all aspects of this business. Our comprehensive financial plans are a direct result of collaborative team work. Our independent representatives strategize daily to find suitable options for your specific needs. They recognize and value the input of experienced colleagues and use these efforts to your advantage.

We are listening…..for you:

There is an entire branch of Quest Financial dedicated to client communications. Although there are many that recognize the importance of listening the representatives of Quest Financial have dedicated hours of training in the active listening process. Understanding the needs of the client does not end the communication process. It is an ongoing necessity which takes a willingness to learn, connect and communicate in a concise manner.

We are learning…..for you:

A good financial advisor is primarily a teacher. Therefore, they must always be learning. We embrace the learning process by attending continuing education, webinars, and online training. We are eager to stay up to date in an ever-changing field. Our independent representatives meet weekly for the sole purpose of education. This is a truly dynamic learning environment.

We are going above and beyond….for you:

Excellence in customer service is not merely a good cup of coffee. We understand the needs of our clients because they talk openly with us.  It is always a business first mentality, but fun comes in a very close second. We host educational events to help client’s continue to learn. We have fun, exciting and interesting events on a monthly basis. We offer many opportunities to share memorable moments with the Quest Family.